Production of metal grinding & polishing machines

Design, construction, assembly, final testing.

Comotti-MC carries out the entire production process of metal grinding&polishing components and machines. A dedicated in-house technical office designs and develops each piece, paying particular attention to the personalisation and particular use of the same, to guarantee high standard performance and long-term operating capacity.

The realisation of the elements, performed directly by skilled workers with extensive experience, is followed by a first assembly and subsequent testing phase, giving the opportunity to verify each function and to make any changes or include specific technical solutions. The entire process, supervised by quality assurance experts, makes it possible to guarantee maximum quality to the end customer.

Innovation, reliability and personalisation have been Comotti-MC 's guidelines for decades, offering an innovative approach to plant system development.



Design and construction of plant systems for the grinding and polishing of metals, according to the specifications requested by the customer. Each machine is guaranteed and accompanied by the EC declaration of conformity, with support and replacement part aspects included in the service. The Comotti-MC machines are manufactured in Italy, developed by a dedicated technical team, and distributed across the world.

The components supplied by Comotti-MC are successfully used by manufacturers operating in the most diverse sectors: pots and pans, household appliances, taps, automotive.

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Design and production of grippers systems for all sectors. In particular, Comotti-MC is a leader in the design and construction of grippers for the polishing of pots and pans and household goods, thanks to decades of experience, constantly updated technicians and a production compartment capable of meeting the specific requirements of each customer.

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Comotti-MC has patented MCP-SPRAY, a high pressure automatic gun designed for dosing even the most aggressive emulsions, such as the abrasive liquid compound used for grinding and polishing metals. An automatic compressed air spray gun, powered by a magnetic valve, pedal or manual valve, ideal for automatic and semiautomatic grinding and polishing machines and grinding blocks. The emulsion can be delivered to the gun either by a pressure vessel or by means of a pneumatic pump, through a hose. The spray width depends on the nozzle used.

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Development and production of abrasive solid compound feeders, used in metal surface polishing systems. Among them, the SPS-150 dispenser, ideal for use with W50/150 H40/50 L600mm size packs.

Our extensive experience in research and design allows us to offer personalised solutions, special versions for unique dispensers, which can be adapted to suit the needs of everyone.

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Comotti-MC performs complete servicing on each plant system and machine used for the grinding&polishing of metals. Thanks to the presence of a qualified team of technicians, it is possible to make specific modifications and additions: each servicing is guaranteed and accompanied by the EC declaration of conformity. The service provides support and spare parts for each machine produced.

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