Experience, expertise, innovation

Development of metal grinding and polishing machines

The history of Comotti-MC began in the 1970s with a skilled and bold entrepreneurial project, which focused on the expertise and inventiveness of a young mechanical engineer, Marino Comotti, the founder of the company and a renowned name among the other operators in the metal grinding&polishing industry.

The company immediately distinguished itself for its innovative and enterprising spirit, dedicated to the development of state-of-the-art machinery, able to adapt to meet the specific needs of each customer and offer an excellent result in all possible metal polishing operations: cleaning, deburring, brushing, grinding.

Over time, Comotti-MC has expanded its horizons, extending its structure to include the entire design phase of individual components and complete machines, along with the production, assembly and final testing of the same. Each process is managed by skilled technicians with extensive experience and capabilities.

Today Comotti-MC is a leader enterprise in the construction of pneumatic pliers and equipment for metal grinding and polishing, used in many different sectors. The skills and expertise acquired over time has enabled us to create blocking equipment used for polishing and other processes, with global support for the plant systems.